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Products  --  KVM Console - AW-19" Series
• 19“ LCD Monitor with LED Backlight
• 16 Port CAT.5 KVM with IP Module
• Depth 640mm only

AW-1916K5-IP is a 19“ Monitor-Keyboard-Drawer with LED Backlight. A value keyboard with number block and touchpad, the integrated 16 /32 Port CAT.5 KVM with IP module are completing the external design. The casing conforms the 1U Standard, is easily installed and mountable with the included mounting kit.

Two consoles and IP-Access, comfortable server management from different locations. Up to three user stations (1x locally, 1x "shared" on IP and 1 x "shared" with "optional" Receiver 1: 1 through CAT.x cable). Selection of different administrations. All operating options are showing the identical image in “competing” service.

• CAT.x cabling for up to 30m distance connection
• Administration access from different locations
• Tree-chainable up to 16 KVM-Switches
• On-Screen-Display and system notifications as a Pop-Up
• Upgradeable Firmware
• "Remote" User-Management with dedicated-assignment and visibility of the respective user assigned server (user groups). The IP extender can work without ActiveX and even without Java extremely fast over a supplied Win32 client viewer software.
• Access via the platform-independent and fast Java viewer for all operating systems.
• “remote" in both viewers and the German "AltGr" and supports also the special characters | @ € ~ etc.
• The Viewer can be easily downloaded from the web interface
• Suitable for any PC / Server with PS/2 and / or USB
• Port capacity is scalable up to 256 PCs through Tree-chaining with PMC models
• Computer selection by Keyboard-Hotkeys and OSD-Menu
• additional console port (competing)
• With an additional (optional) Receiver PMC-300R and by an 1:1 Cat.xcable connection the control panel can be reflected
• Supports all USB suitable operating systems: for example DOS, Windows Series / Server 2008 / Server 2013, Linux, MacOS, etc.
• Numeric LED-Status displays to a clear display of the port status
• Buzzer sound confirms the hotkey and port circuit (de-activated)
• AutoScan dwell time of 5 ~ 95 seconds for OSD programmable
• Password protection
• Auto-Logout ,Timeout-Support
• 1U 19“ LCD console , 640mm deep
• Stepless,adjustable angle from 0 to 105° over high qualityand unique torque hinges
• Easy one man assembly with the provided angles
• Integrated 16 /32 Port CAT.5 KVM with IP module
• Adjustable depth from 600mm up to 1130 mm tread depth
• Chromed metal handle
• Practical knurled screws
• High graphic resolution, up to 1280 x 1024 with 60Hz DDC, DDC2 und DDC2B
Keyboard variants:
Available in following versions: German (DE), US-English (US), UK-English (UK), French (FR), Spanish (SP), Italian (IT) and Swiss / German (CH)
Versions available on request: Turkish (TK) and Russian(RU)
Trackball version is possible, in combination with a Cherry G84-4400 Trackball Keyboard.
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