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• 19“ LCD Monitor with LED Backlight
• Dual telescopic rail
• 16 Port CAT.5 KVM
Korat-1716K5 is a 19“ Monitor-Keyboard-Drawer with LED Backlight. A value keyboard with number block and touchpad and the integrated 16 Port CAT.5 KVM-switch are completing theexternal design. The casing conforms the 1U Standard, is easilyinstalled and mountable with the included mounting kit. The integrated telescopic dual-rail ensures the separate pull out ofkeyboard and monitor and makes the device to a perfectcombination of workstation and monitoring center. A device forprofessionals.
•Tree-chainable for next level up to16 KVM-0116PMC switches
•Tree-chaining distance up to 5 meters
•Port capacity is scalable up to 256 PCs by tree-chaining with PMC models
•Computer-Selection by Keyboard-Hotkeys and OSD-Menu
•On-Screen-Display and system notifications as a Pop-Up
•Additional console port (competing)
•With an additional (optional) Receiver PMC-300R and by an 1:1 Cat.xcable connection the control panel can be reflected.
•Supports all USB suitable operating systems: for example DOS, Windows Series / Server 2008 / Server 2013, Linux, MacOS, etc.
•Numeric LED-Status displays for a clear display of the port status
•Buzzer sound confirms the hotkey and port circuit (de-activated)
•AutoScan dwell time of 5 ~ 95 seconds for OSD programmable
•Password protection •Auto-Logout ,Timeout-Support
•Firmware / Software upgradeable
•1U 19“ LCD console, 607mm depth
•Stepless, adjustable angle from 0 to 105° over high quality unique connecting adapter
•Easy one man assembly with the included installation angles
•Integrated 16 Port CAT.5 KVM-switch
•Adjustable depth from 560mm up to 900mm tread depth
•full metal handle
•Practical knurles screws
•High graphic resolution, up to 1280 x 1024 with 60Hz DDC, DDC2 and DDC2B
Keyboard variants:
Available in following versions: German (DE), US-English (US), French (FR), Spanish (SP), Italian (IT). Swiss / German (CH) and swedish / finnish (SWE/FI)
Versions available on request: UK-English (UK), Turkish (TK), Russian(RU) and Arabic (AR).
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